Here is a list of “car matters” that foreign people should know before starting an assignment in Japan.
If you wish to “lease” a car in Japan, the following procedures and documents are required.

【Car Leasing】

・Switch to a Japanese driving license
・Officially registered seal and japanese ‘inkan’ seal certificate
・Parking certificate
・Japanese Bank Account
・Residence Card and Passport


And the followings will be problematic:

・Staff working at car dealerships and leasing companies do not speak English.
・You need to switch to a Japanese driver’s license(× International drivers’ license ×Foreign driver’s license valid in Japan)
・When the leasing company calls to verify your identity, you must respond in Japanese

You must also wait at least two months to take the driving test to switch to a Japanese driver’s license. So It is difficult even to switch to a Japanese driver’s license.

What we would like to propose is the use of ASAHI MOTORS Long Term Rental Car.
No complicated procedures are required, and payment can be made by credit card.

Use a rental car until you get used to life in Japan after your assignment.
For example, during the six-month period, you have time to consider leasing or purchasing a car.
Let ASAHI MOTORS help you lease or buy a car!

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