Application for Reservation

  • When you rent a car, you may make a reservation by agreeing to our rules and fees, and specifying the model of the car, starting date, location, rental period, return location, driver, whether or not a child seat or other equipment is required, and other conditions of the rental. Note that we will accept reservations made by telephone or e-mail, but we will not be held responsible for any discrepancies between the contents of the reservation and the actual reservation.
  • When we receive a reservation request from you, we will, in principle, accept the reservation within the capability of rental cars that we have in our possession.

It is possible that cars from other rental companies may be arranged.

  • We will request the driver’s name, address, driver’s license, and passport. In this case, you shall present to us your driver’s license if you are the driver, or the driver’s license of the driver if you and the driver are different persons.

Cancellation of Reservation, etc.

  • You may cancel your reservation with our consent.
  • If you do not pick up the car one hour or more after the reserved start time of the rental, the reservation shall be deemed cancelled, unless we specifically approve otherwise.
  • In the case of Paragraph 2, you shall immediately pay us the cancellation fee specified by us.
  • If the reservation is cancelled or the rental agreement is not executed for our own reason, we shall refund the reservation deposit already received.
  • Neither we nor you shall make any mutual claim with respect to the malfunction to execute the rental agreement, except as provided in these Terms and Conditions.
  • <The cancellation policy>
    10days prior to the reservation date & time – free
    9days to 4days prior to the reservation date & time – 20% of the total price
    3days to reservation date – 100% of the total price
    If you cancel a rental car contract that you have already started using in the middle of the contract period, the cancellation fee depends on the remaining contract days.

Checking Child Safety Seats

  • You or the driver shall be responsible for properly installing the child safety seat in the car, and the Company shall not be liable for anything caused by the non-installation of a child safety seat.

Issuance and Carrying of Rental Certificate

  • When we deliver the rental car, we shall issue a rental certificate to you or the driver.
  • You or the driver must carry the rental certificate issued to you by us from the time you receive the rental car until you return it to us.
  • When you or the driver return the rental car, you shall return the rental certificate to us at the same time.

Management Responsibility

You or the driver shall use and keep the rental car with due care and attention as a good manager from the time the rental car is delivered to you until it is returned to us.

Daily Maintenance and Inspections

You or the driver shall perform the necessary maintenance on the rental car while it is in use and prior to each day’s use.

Prohibited Conducts

You or the driver shall not do any of the following acts while using the rental car:

  • Using the rented car for any purpose other than the prescribed use, and allowing a person other than the driver indicated on the rental certificate and a person approved by us to drive the car
  • Forging or altering the vehicle registration number plate or vehicle number plate of the rented car, or altering the original state of it, such as remodeling or refurbishing it
  • Using the rented car for any kind of test or competition, or to tow or push another vehicle without our consent
  • Using a rented car in violation of the law or public order and morals
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Taking out damage insurance for rented cars without our approval.
  • Taking a rented car out of Japan

Measures against Illegal Parking

  • If you or the driver illegally park the rented car while in use, you shall report to the police and immediately pay the fine for illegal parking, etc., and bear the costs of towing, storage, pickup, etc., associated with the illegal parking.
  • If we are notified by the police that you have illegally parked the rented car, we shall inform you or the driver. We also instruct you to move the rented car promptly and to appear at the police station for penalty by the expiration of the car’s rental period or by such other time as we may direct. You or the driver must comply with this. In the event that the rented car is moved by the police, we may, at our discretion, pick up the rented car from the police ourselves. In such a case, you or the driver shall bear the costs.
  • If you or the driver illegally park the car in excess of the rental period, you shall pay an additional fee.

Liability for restitution

  • You or the driver shall return the car to us at the designated location by the expiration of the rental period.
  • You or the driver shall refill the gasoline and return the car and equipment. In this case, you must return the car in its original condition at the time of delivery, excluding any parts that have worn out or deteriorated due to normal use.
  • We are not responsible for the safekeeping of any items left behind after the car is returned.

Measures in case of Non-Return

  • We shall take civil and criminal legal action against you or the driver if we find that you or the driver do not return the car and equipment to the designated place despite the expiration of the rental period, and have not responded to our request for return.

Measures for Malfunction

  • If you or the driver find any abnormality or malfunction of the rented car during use, you shall immediately stop driving, notify us and follow our instructions.
  • You or the driver shall be liable for compensation if the abnormality or malfunction specified in the preceding paragraph is caused by your or the driver’s willful misconduct or negligence.

Measures in case of Accident

  • In the event of an accident involving a rented car while in use, you or the driver shall immediately stop driving the car and take the measures required by law regardless of the size of the accident, as well as the measures set forth below:
  • Report the accident to us immediately and follow our instructions.
  • When repairing the rented car, the repair shall be carried out at a designated factory, unless otherwise approved by us.
  • Cooperate with the investigation of the accident by the insurance company with which we have contracted, and submit any documents we request without delay.
  • When settling or otherwise agreeing with the other party regarding an accident, you must obtain our prior approval.

Termination of Rental Agreement due to Loss of Use or Theft of the Car

1.If the rented car is disabled or stolen or otherwise damaged while in use, you or the driver shall take the following measures:

  • Immediately notify the nearest police station.
  • Immediately report the damage to us and follow our instructions.
  • Cooperate with investigations regarding theft and damage by the insurance company with which we have contracted, and submit any documents required by us and the insurance company without delay.
  • If the accident is caused by your or the driver’s intentional or negligent conduct, you are liable for compensation.

Compensation and business indemnification

  • You or the driver shall be liable for compensation for any damage caused by you or the driver to any third party or us while using the rented car. However, this excludes cases caused by reasons not attributable to you or the driver.
  • You or the driver shall pay us compensation as a non-operation charge, as separately provided, for damages caused by our inability to use the rented car or equipment due to accident, theft, or malfunction, stain, odor of the car or equipment due to reasons attributable to you or the driver.


In the event of an accident involving the rented car while it is in use, insurance will be paid within the limits described in the following special note (hereinafter referred to as the “Limit of Coverage”) under the property insurance policy that we have concluded for the rented car.

【Compensation Limit】

  • Bodily injury insurance: unlimited per person (including the amount covered by automobile liability insurance)
  • Property insurance: Unlimited per accident (deductible of ¥100,000)
  • Passenger insurance: Up to30,000,000 JPY per person / 10,000,000JPY per person *depends
  • Car damage: Up to the actual value per accident *cost of JPY 100,000 covered by customer (deductible)
  1. In the event of an accident not reported to the police or us, or in the event of any other violation of these Conditions of Carriage by you or the driver, the insurance benefits shall not be paid.
  2. You or the driver shall be responsible for any damage for which no insurance payment and any damage in excess of the amount of insurance.
  3. If we pay any loss or damage that you or the driver owes, you or the driver shall reimburse us immediately.
  4. If you have paid the compensation plan subscription fee to us in advance, we shall be responsible for any damage equivalent to the deductible amount of the insurance coverage provided in Paragraph 1, except for the vehicle deductible amount in the case of self-inflicted damage. If you have not paid the compensation plan subscription fee in advance, you or the driver shall be responsible for it.
  5. The premium for the property insurance policy prescribed in Paragraph 1 is included in the rental fee in advance.
  6. Our Insurance for Ages 21 and over.

Cancellation of Rental Agreement

  1. If you or the driver violate the Rules during use, we may cancel the rental agreement and demand the return of the rented car without any notice. In such case, you or the driver shall immediately return the rented car and equipment to us and immediately pay us any unpaid balance or fuel reimbursement, if any.
  2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, we shall not refund to you any rental fee, exemption compensation fee, etc. that you have already received.

Agreed Jurisdiction Court

In the event of any dispute over the rights and obligations under the Rules, the district court or summary court having jurisdiction over the location of our head office or branch and the location of the borrowing location shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.

Non Operation Charge (NOC)

In the event of a car accident, incident, theft, break down, defacement, odor, including smoking in no smoking vehicle, or other causes not attributable to ASAHI MOTORS Rent a car, the customer may be charged an NOC as part of the compensation for loss of use during the repair or cleaning of the vehicle.

When the rental car is driven back to the scheduled business office – 100,000JPY

When the rental car cannot be driven back – 150,000JPY

※You are responsible for the cost of the following types of damage:
・Flat or burst tires
・Damaged tire wheels and lost or damaged hubcaps
・Damage caused by car supplies such as snow chains, roof racks, etc.
・Loss of or damage to equipment in the car
・Cracked or broken glass caused by flying stones or other objects
・Running out of battery during use
・In case the rental car is repaired or parts are replaced without notifying us
・Towing costs that were necessary due to accidents, etc.
・Lost or damaged keys

※The customer will be responsible for all accidents resulting from the following driving or conditions:
(Not covered by insurance or deductible)
・In case of failure to report the accident to the police and us from the scene of the accident
・In case of failure to contact the insurance company from the scene of the accident
・In case of a false report
・In case of settling with the other party without our consent
・Accidents due to unauthorized extension
・Accidents caused by drivers who have not submitted a copy of their driver’s license
・Accidents caused by not wearing safety belts while driving
・Driving under the influence of alcohol
・Driving without license
・Damage to vehicle caused by theft
・Accidents caused by driving over capacity
・In case of driving on a road other than a roadway, such as a beach, riverbed, or forest road
・Repair costs for damage or corrosion to the vehicle caused by poor usage
・In case of use for various trials or competitions, or for towing or pushing other vehicles
・Accidents involving our rental cars with the vehicles you own, use, or control
・Failure due to operational errors
・In case of use in violation of the terms and conditions of our Rental Agreement
・Other accidents that fall under the exclusions in the policy terms and conditions
・Accidents due to customer’s mismanagement of vehicles
・Accidents due to excessive speed
・Accidents due to crossing the center line in a no-passing zone
・Accidents due to ignoring a traffic light
・Accidents due to go through a stop sign
・Accidents caused by illegal right turn, illegal U-turn, or entering in a direction other than that designated
・In case of an accident or malfunction that is deemed malicious or intentional, the actual cost of repair will be charged.