Insurance/Compensation is Included in the Rental Car’s Basic Rate.

Limit of coverage

Bodily Injury/DeathUnlimited per person (including automobile liability insurance)
Property damageUnlimited per accident [cost of 50,000JPY covered by customer ]
Car damageUp to the actual value per accident
【cost of 100,000JPY covered by customer】
Personal InjuryUp to30,000,000 JPY per person / 10,000,000JPY per person *depends

Provide accident response to reassure non-Japanese speaking customers

We are providing accident support through the entire claims process in your language.
We also provide this service when the other party of the accident speaks non-Japanese languages.

*Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance

Non Operation Charge (NOC)

What is Non-Operation Charge (NOC)?

In the event of a car accident, incident, theft, break down, defacement, odor, including smoking in no smoking vehicle,  or other causes not attributable to ASAHI MOTORS Rent a car, the customer may be charged an NOC as part of the compensation for loss of use during the repair or cleaning of the vehicle.  

When the rental car is driven back to the scheduled business office100,000JPY
When the rental car cannot be driven back 150,000JPY

Road service contents and coverage

In the event that your rented vehicle becomes unable to drive itself due to an accident or breakdown, we will arrange for a dispatcher to tow and transport the car to a repair shop or other location.

Traffic Accident

Rescuing the injured
・Provide first aid to the injured.
・Call 119 (ambulance) if necessary.
Report to the police
・Call 110 to report the accident to the police.
・Once the notification is completed, you must go through the process of obtaining an accident certification. (This is required to apply for the compensation program.)
Contact the insurance company and ASAHI MOTORS
Call the insurance company and ASAHI MOTORS to report the accident.

【Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance *24h】

0120-929-736 *For Foreign languages

Please tell them “Insurance Policy Number”



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