A wonderful Life in Japan with
ASAHI MOTORS Long Term Rent a Car

ASAHI MOTORS Rent a Car provides rental car service for those who come to Japan on business for a long period of time,
from one month to a maximum of two years.
ASAHI MOTORS Rent a Car provides a complete follow-up system by assigning a dedicated person in charge to each customer.

ASAHI MOTORS GROUP also offers car purchase and lease, so you can switch from renting a car to leasing in the middle of the rental period.

No need to switch to Japanese license
International driver’s license is acceptable!
Foreign driver’s licenses valid in Japan are acceptable!

All-inclusive and clear fees
Voluntary Insurance, Shaken, maintenance, Vehicle tax Easy to understand because all of them are included
Payment is by credit card for convenience.

No pre-screening
Passport or Residence card

Driver’s license valid in Japan

\What is the strategy manual for switching to a Japanese driver’s license?

Find great deals below on a variety of popular rental cars

We offer discounted prices for long term use of several months or more than a year
Please feel free to contact us Monthly Price

Toyota Hiace

JPY 80,000~ / week
JPY 210,000~/ month
Up to 10 passengers
4 doors

Toyota Alphard

JPY 80,000~ / week
JPY ***ASK / month
Up to 7 passengers
5 doors

Lexus NX

JPY 80,000~ / week
JPY 240,000~ / month
Up to 5 passengers
5 doors

Toyota RAV4

JPY 80,000~ / week
JPY 240,000~ / month
Up to 5 passengers
5 doors

Toyota Prius

JPY 50,000~ / week
JPY 145,000~ / month
Up to 5 passengers
5 doors

Toyota Aqua

JPY 42,900~ / week
JPY 90,000~ / month
Up to 5 passengers
5 doors

Customized Plan

Only for customers who contracted for more than 1 year.
We can provide the car you want to rent.
*There are some conditions.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Let ASAHI MOTORS arrange your car rental in Japan.
Because we have business tie-ups with car rental companies throughout Japan, we can smoothly communicate with car rental companies in any region.
Contracts are available for corporate clients as well as individual clients.

We are mainly based in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa,
but feel free to contact us if you live in other areas.

Click here for reservations and inquiries050-1331-3997