Shunsuke KANAI / Representative 

ASAHI MOTORS GROUP provides long-term car rental service, leasing and sales in English so that foreign people living in Japan can drive a car without stress.

Long-term visitors to Japan will first be surprised at how few English-speaking Japanese there are.The store staff speaks Japanese, and most of the service application forms, instructions, and signs are written in Japanese, as is the uniquely Japanese culture of hanko (stamps).There is no exception when leasing or purchasing a car.
Many leasing companies require a seal registration certificate and a garage certificate when signing a lease contract, and many leasing companies will not approve a lease if you do not speak Japanese.

ASAHI MOTORS GROUP is different from major car rental companies and dealerships, which are in a seller’s market with many customers.We assign staff in charge of both individual and corporate clients, and try to provide detailed service.

As a result, the number of customers who trust us has increased both domestically and internationally, creating a favorable cycle in which customers introduce us to their customers.

”If you need a car in Japan, ASAHI MOTORS GROUP is the best choice.”

Please rely on us, the ASAHI MOTORS GROUP.