99% of gas stations in Japan are only available in Japanese.

There are two types of gas stations: “Self service” and “Full service”.

“Self service”

The word “セルフ” is written in Japanese on the signboard of the gas station.
This Japanese word may be confusing for you, but if there is no staff inside the gas station or if other drivers are refueling themselves, it is ” Self service”.
Self-service gas stations usually have an LCD panel next to the fueling hose.


①Park your car in a designated area (within a frame) and stop the engine.

②Choose the Payment method

You can pay by cash or credit card.
In both cases, payment is made in advance.


③Choose the fuel types

*red Regular unleaded (レギュラー)
*yellow High-octane (ハイオク or 無鉛プレミアム)
*green Diesel (ディーゼル or 軽油)

You can choose the amount of gasoline based on the amount of refueling, value, or a full tank.

Make sure the engine is stopped, open the fueling port, and refuel.


”Full service”

①Follow the guidance of the staff, park your car in the designated area, and stop the engine.

➁Tell them the type of gasoline, amount of fuel, value or full tank, and payment method.

*red Regular unleaded (レギュラー)
*yellow High-octane (ハイオク or 無鉛プレミアム)
*green Diesel (ディーゼル or 軽油)

Payment is made in advance.
*If paying by credit card, leave your credit card with the staff first, then sign the receipt after refueling is complete.

Refueling completed